Frequently Asked Questions is Chat Roulette (or Omegle video) for matching accredited investors with founders who are in the early stages of starting a company.

For investors, only accredited investors can apply. For startups anyone can apply, but as you can imagine it is better if you have any or all of

a) expertise in your domain

b) something substantial you have done before

c) traction

Those who join right away will get preference as investors or founders. As investors you will get access before other investors and as founders you’ll appear at the top of the list to investors.
There has been an explosion of not only startups, but micro VC firms as well. Founders and firms are spread all over the world and sourcing one another is non-trivial. The argument that good founders will network to the best VCs is tired; it’s a different world.
It’s true that the top firms still get a lot of the top deals, but they don’t get all of them. Further, there may be strategic reasons for wanting to connect with very specific VC funds, e.g. a VC fund in Germany specializing in cryptocurrency.